The producer of tigernut milk loves autumn. He knows that the sea will calm down in autumn. And the beach can finally talk in peace with the waves. With all these children, different languages and people it was difficult to talk. After the summer heat it is good to go in-depth. To say serious things. It is like that, friends of the horchateria, in autumn everything changes.

The quietness comes to the horchateria of Poblenou. The music of the Festa Major, the noises of the fireworks and the summer heat pass slowly. Now, we can meet peacefully. It is the moment to think of chocolate, ideas, tastes and formes for the next season. This season inspires, it is an invitation to create. Tio Che on his corner loves this moment. It is the time to talk to the neighbors, the summer is the rush, a long queue and a swift greeting and sometimes not even that. Tio Che becomes aware that there are children born, he knows that somebody has moved to Germany, Maria has turned into a doctor and he knew her as newborn. There is a new bakery, the houses of the associations are full, the cultural centers are filled to the brim and the book stores flourish with news. Autumn is the time for the Vermut and the lukewarm sun. We try to prolong the summer in autumn, we are from the Mediterranean and the sun makes us go out. Tio Che has seen that twins go to the nursery and that the neighborhood is going to grow, as there are many pregnant women. This is the sign that the area lives in many ways. We, the merchants of this area, prepare for Christmas, we illuminate and decorate and hope that nobody will go to the big chains to search for gifts and tastes. This is a way of sharing. Autumn is proximity and we want it to stay like that.