Turrones artesanales El Tío Ché

To share, to celebrate, to say good-bye to the old year, friends, familiy. In Barcelona Christmas is magic. The streets with lights have their own heartbeat. Each one in its own way. The Christmas market Fira de Santa Llucia in front of the Cathedral is a cozy place that offers a surprising variety of stalls with decoration for the homes. And even the most indifferent puts a small object in his bag for the celebration. The city smells of turrón, of almonds, of nuts. The city smells of chocolates. The streets are overloadad with people, the museums are filled with visitors, in December there is a concert in every church and in each bar friends meet to take a drink together. And one more, and one more. Where there are children there is the caga Tío (literally “the shitting uncle”), and in each nativity scene a caganer (wood stem filled with sweets). The Catalans live these scatological figures. They also love the pastorets, a medieval theatre show about the birth of Jesus and the shepherds remember the first Christmas celebration. The delicious turrones are on every table to celebrate Christmas, New Years and the Kings Arrival, this is the most popular sweet of CataloniaandSpain.

The traditional turrón is made if honey and almonds, even though these days there are many tastes. The polvorones are also a very popular sweet for the celebration, they are made of sweet almond paste. But the most unique taste belongs to the chocolate turrones filled with nuts and truffle mixed with other tastes. In our100 year old shop, the horchatería El Tío Che we prepare chocolate turrones one by one, according to the old tradition of our family, and we include new ways of production to emphasize the quality of the products.