Completely natural ice cream,  made according to traditional recipes from Alicante and Valencia, 100% handmade.

They do not contain gluten and we do offer special waffles for those who cannot eat wheat. Seasonal changes can apply.

Chocolate variations

Milk chocolate.  Bitter chocolate that can be eaten by those who need lactose-free products.

Cream variations

Cream, cream with chocolate and cream with nuts.

Coffee variations


Milk variations

Leche merengada ( an iced milk drink with cinnamon and lemon), “Cubanito” (iced milk drink with cinnamon, lemon and pieces of chocolate, dulce de leche, dulce de leche trufado, yoghurt, yoghurt with pieces of chocolate and fresh cheese.

Vanilla variations

Vanilla, vanilla mit pieces of chocolate.

Mint variations

Mint with chocolate.

Fruit variations

Fruit mix, kiwi, raspberry, melon, green apple, pineapple, coconut, banana, lemon, strawberry and English strawberry.

Variations with nuts

Pistacho, hazelnut, xixona.

Variations with alcohol

Baileys, whisky and rhum with raisins.