What benefits do tigernuts have?

Tigernuts contain lots of protein, carbon hidrates, sugar, fibre and above all essential oil. There is a high dose of iron and potasium as well as a lack of sodium. Tigernuts are a very strong atioxidant as they contain a considerable amount of watersoluble carbohydrates, which is why it can be used to protect the immune system of the undernourished population or to slow down the progression of HIV infections.

It is a refreshing, natural, healthy drink that provides energy and helps digest, and it is known as such since ancient times. It is nutrient but does not contain cholesterol. It lacks coffein, so that children, pregnant women and senior citizen can drink it. It is astringent and can be used as prebiotic, a substance that ensures that intestinal bacteria can do their work, and can so prevent and heal diarrea, it helps digest grease and carbohydrates, it is a diuretic and an oral desinfectant, because it contains peroxidasis and catalasis. It functions like an energy drink and has the same content of iron, cinc, copper and magnesia from as cow´s or goat´s milk.

Tigernut milk can be considered the Mediterranean drink par excellence because it fulfills by large the characteristics of Mediterranean food, as it prevents cancer and sclerosis.