We are preparing the celebration!

A century. A life. Many.

We do not look back to the past, we look forward to the present day, as we wish to thank the founders, those of the family who continued with the business, the strong roots that hold us and the branches that take off. To Poble Nou, a neighbourhood in Barcelona that opened its heart as it saw that we had opened ours. To those who cooperated with us at some point of time in the course of 100 years and who met eating ice-cream, those who fell in love here for the first time, the babies whose first visit was at the ice-cream parlor El Tío Ché and whose mother tasted of horchata (tigernut milk), even though they did not know that until later.

To you who started a business with a coffee at the terrace, to the fans of the Sunday sandwich, to those who make our mornings enjoyable, those who have left the neighbourhood and appear in Facebook, those who ask how we are doing, the fanatic horchata drinkers, those of the ice-cream dessert, the turrón (Turkish honey) gourmets. Those who cannot leave their chocolate vice, the ladies who are doing a diet, those who change their tables according to the sun, the neighbours who have been there forever, the providers, the children who stand in front of the parlor until they get an ice-cream. All of those who follow their whims, enjoy their food, remember the taste, pose requests to us, force us, give us new ideas. The fanatics. The critics, the thankful ones.

Absolutely all of them, all, are invited to the party. Nobody shall stand outside.